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Great Erie Federal Credit Union is looking for volunteers

Are you a member who is ready to commit some free time, effort, and talent to engage in the governance and financial oversight of your Credit Union? Are you looking for an opportunity to volunteer in your non-profit financial institution?

If you are, the Board of Directors of Great Erie FCU is interested in speaking with you about volunteer opportunities that could lead to a Supervisory Committee or Board position.

You may be appointed as an Associate Director in preparation for service on the board, or you may be appointed to the Supervisory Committee. In both volunteer positions, you will learn the systems and requirements for managing a non-profit financial institution under Federal Government oversight through NCUA.

We are seeking Great Erie FCU members with a strong interest in serving fellow members as volunteers. Business experience, especially in Finance/Accounting, will be considered a plus. However, we will provide the required, reasonable training. These positions require approximately 3 to 6 hours per month, including a monthly meeting commitment. You will also need basic computer skills to access online reports and communications.

We want to talk to you if you are looking for a volunteer opportunity where you will learn about providing financial success in a non-profit environment. Your rewards come from knowing that your service helps your fellow members secure their financial health.

Interested members who have the time and willingness to serve should submit a brief résumé in confidence to:

Don Bruning, [email protected]

Board President, Great Erie FCU

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