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The new and approved system seamlessly integrates your accounts across desktop and mobile devices and puts powerful, easy-to-use tools right at your fingertips. An improved user experience with enhanced features makes banking with us even better.
Upgrade Updates
Internal Banking - Scheduled Transfers
Internal online banking transfers will be available within the new platform. These transfers will allow you to make transfers between your different deposit accounts and loans at Great Erie FCU. Previously scheduled internal transfers will not carry over to the new platform and will need to be created again.
External Bank Accounts (ACH) - Scheduled and One-Time Transfers
With this upgrade, we are relying on ProPay as the primary method for transferring funds into your Great Erie FCU deposit accounts and specifically loans. ProPay offers enhanced security and efficiency, ensuring that your transactions are processed smoothly and securely. ProPay will not support the ability to “push” transactions to other financial institutions directly. However, there are alternative methods available for transferring funds out. You could write a check to yourself or utilize your external financial institution's online banking to “pull” the funds into the external account from your Great Erie FCU account.
Any previous transfers created prior to the rollout of our new online banking platform will have to be created again using ProPay. Previously scheduled transfers will no longer exist within the Online Banking System. To create and manage one-time and scheduled transfers into Great Erie FCU, you will click a link within the online banking platform to sign into ProPay.
Log-In Process
The login process will not change. Login using your credentials. The logon ID must have a minimum length of 6 digits. If the Member Number is less than 6 digits, the member must enter the necessary leading zeroes to make it 6 digits. For example:
  • 123456 = 123456
  • 12345 = 012345
  • 1234 = 001234
  • 123 = 000123
  • Noah = 00Noah
  • Kr764 = 0Kr764
Password (Security Code) = Last 4 digits of primary account holder's SSN
Note: Members will be prompted to "CHANGE" their initial Logon ID and Security Code, upon first logging on to Great Erie's New/Upgraded Online Banking Platform.
Security Code: Must be 9 to 16 positions and must contain: 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, at least 2 numbers, and special characters are optional.
If you have any questions or want to know more about our digital banking products, call our Member Service Dept. at 716-662-1311, Option #6.


Now there are better ways to get things done

Manage your money 24/7 without leaving your home. Pay bills without stuffing envelopes or buying stamps. Deposit paychecks without standing in line. At Great Erie, we offer a long list of online services that bring banking into the 21st century.

For you, we're always open

Log in to your accounts early in the morning, late at night, or after sleeping in on weekends. At Great Erie, banker's hours are whenever you want them to be.

  • Check balances in real-time
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • View recent transactions
  • Pay bills in a matter of minutes
  • Make Great Erie loan payments
  • Easily access check images
  • Sign up for notifications that alert you to significant account activity

Your security is our priority

We use the most sophisticated security techniques to safeguard your online account information.

  • We have implemented Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Online Banking users. In other words, you may have to pass two security "checkpoints" before accessing your accounts.
  • Our security system identifies the computer you normally use to access your account. If you use a different computer at some point, it will take additional steps to verify your identity.
  • All secure data is encrypted using advanced encryption standards.

Spend less time writing checks. Cut down your postage costs. And reduce late fees by making sure your bill payments arrive on time.

  • Send payments electronically to almost every business or organization in the U.S.
  • Stay organized by viewing all your bills in one place
  • Make one-time bill payments with just a few keystrokes
  • Schedule recurring payments - such as utilities - months in advance
  • Arrange for notifications reminding you when certain bills are due
  • Verify recent payments and review past payments
  • Reduce the risk of paper checks being lost in the mail

Bill Pay Customer Service

Question about Online Bill Pay? Give us a call at 855-824-6656 seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Getting Started

To sign up for Bill Pay, you must have a Great Erie Checking Account. Bill payments are deducted from that account.

  • Next, sign in to your Online Banking Account.
  • Enter your account number and password.
  • Click on the "Services" tab.
  • Click on the "Bill Payment" icon and you're ready to go.
  • Want to know more? Check out this video.

Interactive Video Player .


Send and receive money with Zelle.

We have partnered with Zelle to bring you a fast and easy way to send and receive money with friends, family, and people you know. With Zelle, you can send money directly from your account to enrolled recipients in minutes, all from the convenience of online banking or our mobile app.

Easily start today using just your email address or U.S. mobile number.

  1. Enroll or log in to Zelle
  2. Select “Send Money with Zelle”
  3. Accept Terms and Conditions
  4. Select your U.S. mobile number or email address and deposit account

That’s it! You’re ready to start sending and receiving money with Zelle.

Watch the video to learn more about Zelle!

With these services, E also stands for 'easier'

Electronic statements from Great Erie help you stay organized and better informed of your account activity.

  • E-Statements: Receive your account statements electronically and securely as soon as they’re available. No need to wait for the mail to find out where your finances stand.
  • E-Alerts: Receive alerts when your account drops below a certain balance, when checks clear, and more.
  • E-Notifications: Receive important account notices quickly and securely, including insufficient funds, delinquent loans, and maturity notices for Term Share Certificates.
  • E-Bonds: Create an inventory of bonds and track interest earned. The service will also send an email when a bond has matured.
  • Special Occasions: Set up alerts that will remind you of a special occasion or event.

Your monthly account statements are far too important to get lost in the junk mail or buried in piles of paper inside your home. Electronic statements put your financial details at your fingertips.

  • Get E-Statements several days before you would receive a paper statement
  • Receive an email alerting you when your E-Statement is ready for viewing
  • Easily track down a specific transaction or look for big-picture spending and saving trends
  • Cut down on paper use, which is good for the environment
  • Print or download a copy of your statement within three months
  • Enjoy the security of Great Erie safeguards
  • Reduce the risk of identity theft that comes from putting paper statements in the mail

Getting Started with E-Statements

    • Go into your Online Banking account and click on the "E-Statement" icon under "Services."
    • Read the Disclosure and agree to it.

View Tutorial Below

Interactive Video Player

Fast-track your paycheck into your account

There's no need to make an extra trip to the credit union when you receive a payroll, pension, or Social Security check. When you sign up for Direct Deposit, the funds will automatically be deposited into your account. You'll get access to your money faster, and eliminate the risk of a lost or stolen check. Here's the information you'll need to provide to your employer or the U.S. government:

Payroll Deduction is a sure-fire savings strategy

Looking for a faster way to build up your savings? Have some of your Direct Deposit funds automatically sent to your Great Erie Savings Accounts. You can raise or lower your Payroll Deduction amount at any time. To sign up, contact one of our Member Service Representatives.

Learn more by watching this Online Banking Video.

Interactive Video Player

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