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2024 Annual Meeting Election Notice

Volunteers are critical to the success of the Great Erie Federal Credit Union. Our Board of Directors and committee members are all volunteers dedicated to serving the members of the Credit Union.

Each year, the Credit Union is required to elect Board members and conduct an Annual Meeting. For 2024, there are two open positions on the Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee has selected two candidates, Joette Cappello and Keliann Argy, to be on the ballot, and their biographies are listed below.

Other members in good standing can seek nomination to the Board by submitting a short resume and obtaining the signatures of 84 current Great Erie Federal Credit Union members on a petition. Both forms can be obtained at the Credit Union office (716-662-1311), or from the Secretary of the Board of Directors, 4000 N. Buffalo Road, Orchard Park, NY 14127. Signed petitions and resumes must be received by the Secretary of the Board by March 14, 2024.

**The credit union will not conduct the election by ballot and there will be no nominations from the floor when the number of nominees equals the number of open positions.**

Joette Cappello
I’ve served as a Director on the Board of Great Erie Federal Credit Union for 19 years. I currently serve as Board President. To serve the Credit Union best, I’ve attended numerous workshops and seminars and continuously completed board training.
I was attracted to the Credit Union movement because of its “People Helping People” philosophy. I’m 2nd generation American, and I can remember my parents and grandparents struggling financially. After listening to many dinner table discussions about how much money we didn’t have and the interest rates charged on loans by banks, I was interested in learning about the cooperative spirit of Credit Unions and how they help people keep more of their money. The financial education piece of the Credit Union movement is essential to me as it helps people plan for their futures, enjoy more of today, and worry less. If I can do anything to support this, I will.
I am a native Western New Yorker. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree at SUNY Buffalo. I retired from the East Aurora Union Free School District after 25 years in the Business office. In addition to volunteering at the Credit Union, I’ve volunteered at the local and state levels in our school's professional associations. This summer, I will take on a national office. I am agreeable to nomination and will agree to serve if elected.

Keliann Argy
I’ve served as a Director on the Board of Great Erie Federal Credit Union for 2-years, first as an Associate Director, mentored by Randy Macpherson, and then as a Director. I currently serve on the Board as a Director. I have an extensive educational background and entrepreneurial experience to offer the Credit Union in my service. Also, I recently received the CUNA certification and continuously completed Board training to serve the Credit Union better.
My interest in the Credit Union stems from my knowledge of the banking industry and entrepreneurial experiences. The Credit Union membership concept is essential to people’s overall health and wellness. To me, the idea that a financial institution, i.e., a Credit Union, exists to promote the well-being of its members, means that our ‘community’ is served just by having a place to turn for truly accessible financial services. The Credit Union offers the members of our community means and ways to become financially fit and healthy. Being a part of an organization that contributes to its members’ overall wellness is essential to me. It allows me to give back to the community I have become a part of, living my daily life and raising my children.
I consider myself a Western New Yorker. I was born in Niagara Falls, relocated to Florida at an early age, and lived in different states through the years. I returned to the Southtowns permanently in 2001 because I believed Western New York was the ‘only way’ to raise my children. I earned a Bachelor’s at the University of Southern California, a Master’s at SUNY Buffalo, a Juris Doctor at the University of Pittsburgh, and a Master of Laws at SUNY Buffalo. I am an attorney with Atlas Consultants and own and operate several businesses in the area. I have served the indigent community in Livingston County as a conflict defender. In addition to volunteering at the Credit Union, I am a member of the Erie and Niagara County Bar Associations and the New York State Bar Association. This year I plan to attend more Credit Union related events to further my Credit Union knowledge and experience. I am agreeable to nomination and will agree to serve if elected.

Save the Date for the Annual Meeting! Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Great Erie Federal Credit Union is a full-service credit union serving the Buffalo and Erie County area, including Hamburg, West Seneca, Orchard Park, and East Aurora, New York.

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