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5 Green Banking Tips for Earth Day!

5 Green Banking Tips for Earth Day!

Earth Day is a day to come together as a community to celebrate our planet and demonstrate ways to support environmental protection. Here are 5 ways to consider as we celebrate Earth Day, not only on April 22 but every day of the year! 

1.  Sign up for E-Statements 

The easiest way to reduce your financial carbon footprint is to sign up for e-statements. By saving paper, postage, and delivery costs, you're helping the environment in multiple ways and making your monthly account tracking so much easier for yourself as well. 

2.  Apply Online

You can apply for auto loans, credit cards, home loans, and personal loans with an easy click of a button, saving paperwork and time on our secure website. 

3.  Sign up for Online Banking

By using Online Banking to transfer money and pay your bills, you can save paper from your branch receipts, save gas from your drive to the branch, and as a bonus, save time!

4.  Use Great Erie Bill Pay

With Great Erie's Bill Pay, you can avoid writing checks, mailing them each month, and scheduling all your bills in one place.

5.  Recycle your paperwork

Whenever you sign up for new accounts, there is generally paperwork that you save for a certain amount of time. Once that paperwork is no longer needed, be sure that you shred and recycle it rather than just tossing it in the garbage.

Please view our video tutorials to learn more. 





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