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Pictured Left to Right: Andrew, Ashley & Bridget

Great Erie's 2021 Scholarship Winners

We received many great applications and are grateful to the students who took the time to apply and share their accomplishments and goals with us. Our selected scholarship winners stood out for their outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements. 

"We are very pleased to award these scholarships to our hard-working young members," said Robyn Young, CEO. "It proves that the 'people helping people' philosophy of the credit union movement is alive and well here in Western New York.

Help us congratulate our amazing scholarship winners!


Scholarship Award: Great Erie Federal Credit Union (GEFCU) & the New York Credit Union Association (NYCUA) Award

College attending: Boston University

Field of study: Biology & Languages

"One of the main reasons I want to go to college is getting an education that will best help me create a better, brighter world around me. My love of biology meant I already wanted to study medicine, but this past year has only strengthened my belief that the healthcare field is one of the most powerful and fundamental to our country. Despite the difficulties this year has posed, I have hope for the future and am convinced both my community and I am capable of overcoming anything on the horizon."


Scholarship Award: Great Erie Federal Credit Union (GEFCU) & the New York Credit Union Association (NYCUA) Award

College attending: University of Notre Dame

Field of study: Electrical Engineering

"I am very appreciative for the foundation that St. Francis gave me to succeed, and I could not be happier to attend the University of Notre Dame to study electrical engineering. I like to work with people to solve problems, and am grateful for the opportunity to continue to do this at Notre Dame. Go Irish!"


Scholarship Award: Charlotte Ash Community Leader Scholarship Award

College attending: SUNY Geneseo

Field of study: Business Administration/Applied Economics and Management

"I dedicate my time to both learning and enhancing my skills of responsibility, organization, motivation, independence, and leadership. I enjoy learning new things and being able to apply them outside of school. Volunteer work has allowed me to give back to my community, meet new people, learn new things, and so much more."

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