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All members are required to maintain a Share Savings Account. We also offer a wide variety of savings products to help each member achieve financial success.

  • A minimum deposit of $5.00 is all it takes to open your Share Savings Account.
  • Dividends are compounded daily and posted monthly. *See Current Rates
  • Automatic deposit available through Direct Deposit/Payroll Savings

Holiday Club Account

The Holiday Club Account is the perfect way to save for your holiday shopping. Open a Holiday Club Account with just $5 or more. You decide how much and when you want to contribute. Set up your account to have an automatic transfer from either your savings or checking account,  or sign up for automatic deposits through Payroll Deduction. You can start at any time; on November 1st each year the money will be transferred to the account of your choice.

  • Minimum $5 balance is all you need to maintain Holiday Club Account
  • Dividend bearing account
  • Use your debit card to start your holiday shopping on November 1st
  • You can increase the amount at any time
  • Account resumes automatic deposits for the next holiday season
  • A $5.00 fee applies for any account withdrawals

Vacation Club Account

The Vacation Club Account is a great way to save for the vacation that you have always dreamed of.

  • A minimum $5 balance is required to open and maintain Vacation Club Account
  • Dividend paying account
  • Payroll deduction is an easy way to save
  • Increase the amount at any time