Direct Deposit

If your place of employment offers this service, you may have Net-Check Deposit, which automatically transmits your whole paycheck (less taxes and deductions) to your Great Erie Federal Credit Union Account. To ensure that your Social Security and other benefit pension checks arrive on time, sign-up for Direct Deposit. No matter where your check is coming from, direct deposit takes the worry out of stolen or misplaced checks and delayed deposits.

Your funds are available for withdrawal at the credit union or one of 50,000 surcharge free AllPoint ATMs. Signing up is easy, just contact your payroll department and request direct deposit. All you need is:

  • Your Great Erie Federal Credit Union Account Number
  • Great Erie Federal Credit Union's ABA/Routing Number: 222381879
  • Download the Direct Deposit Form (92.5kb PDF)

Take advantage of the convenience and security of direct deposit. The US Treasury Department reports that more than a million mailed Social Security and Government pension checks are lost, stolen or late every year and more than four million paychecks are lost or stolen each year. Don't be another statistic, play it safe!

Payroll Deduction

It is the easiest way to put a little bit of money away each payday, to have a portion of your paycheck sent automatically to your Great Erie Federal Credit Union Account for deposit into one or more of your accounts, which you specify. The amount of the payroll deduction may be raised or lowered at any time. To sign up for Payroll Deduction, call and speak with a Member Service Representative who will assist you.

Sign up now for direct deposit

GoDirect with Great Erie Federal Credit Union

Switching to direct deposit is a small but important way that people who get Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) checks can improve their lives. And it just takes a few minutes to sign up.

Great Erie Federal Credit Union is proud to partner with Go Direct - a campaign sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Banks to inform people who receive federal benefits about the advantages of direct deposit and help them sign up for it.

With direct deposit, you have:

  • The safest method of receiving your payment
  • An easier, more convenient way to access your money
  • Control over your money and your time

Eliminate the risk of lost or stolen checks. Protect yourself against fraud and identity theft. Get immediate access to your money. Direct deposit also saves taxpayers millions of dollars.

Go Direct makes it easy for people who get Social Security and SSI to sign up for direct deposit. If you or those close to you are still receiving Social Security or other federal benefits by check, consider switching to the safest, easiest option - direct deposit - today!

For more information about Go Direct, call the helpline at 1-800-333-1795
Or vist the Go Direct Website at

Sign up now for direct depositSign up now for direct deposit