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To email us directly:

  • Our e-mail messages will never ask members for information we already have.
  • Our e-mail messages will never include member account numbers.
  • We will never ask members to verify information via e-mail.
  • We will not e-mail links.
  • We will never e-mail a form, or post a form asking members to verify any information.

Phone: 716-662-1311 or 1-866-662-6727

Fax: 716-662-9475

Tel-Account: 1-888-569-8910

Lost/Stolen MasterCard Debit Card: 1-800-472-3272

Lost/Stolen Visa Credit Card: 1-855-363-1853

Please email us at for specific questions or to request additional information. If you wish a response via email please make sure you indicate your email address in the proper field, otherwise leave your phone and/or fax number and a Great Erie Representative will contact you.