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Young Life Mission - Member Emma Tryon


For the month of February the staff of Great Erie will be donating our casual day/jeans day monies to our member "Emma Tryon" of Orchard Park for support of her 2018 Young Life Mission Trip to El Salvador. 

For the past two years Emma has been traveling to the village of Los Rajanos, El Salvador, serving people who live in the village. The Young Life Mission consists of construction work, helping the kids in school learn English, providing water filtration systems, and running a medical clinic to give out medicine, vitamins and glasses. Nurses and doctors travel with the group to provide yearly check-ups for everyone in the village. 

Our Great Erie members have the option of donating to Emma's cause. 

Emma is an ambitious and caring young woman with a big heart. We could use more Emma's in this world. 

Great Erie is proud to support her mission work with Young Life. Thank you in advance for your personal donation on behalf of the credit union. 

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