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Board of Directors


In 1952, a group of teachers and staff from Orchard Park High School chartered OPCS Federal Credit Union. Our first volunteer Board of Directors included Charlotte Ash, Arthur Jakel, Alvira Diaz, George Wakeman and Harold F. Keyes.

About Credit Unions

Credit Unions are not-for-profit cooperatives that offer free or low-cost financial services. Unlike banks, earnings are returned directly to the members through services like free ATMS and better rates on deposits and loans. Due to our democratic structure, all members have an equal say in the business of the credit union, regardless of your deposit balance.

The Importance of Our Volunteers

Members are considered to be “owners” of the credit union and as such, elect other members to represent their interests on the Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for setting credit union policies and strategic goals. As a Director, volunteers have the opportunity to share their business expertise, leadership skills and diverse experiences to improve the credit union  

You can view the 2018 Director Election Notice to learn more about the current nominees and the election procedures.

To find out more about volunteer opportunities with the credit union, contact us at or by phone at 716-662-1311.

Thank you to all volunteers past and present!